Baby Bump

I know it’s been a long time since my last post. But that’s what happens when you find out you are expecting your 4th baby and morning sickness strikes you down for 6 long weeks. Morning sickness…I often call it pregnancy sickness because who is just sick in the morning anyway? For me, it’s whenever I’m not stuffing carbs down my face.

The first trimester is by far way more difficult than labour. At least for those moms like me who experience debilitating morning sickness, which keeps them bedridden for weeks on end and unable to participate in normal life. My husband took care of me, the kids, the meals… everything. But that’s the first trimester for you. You do what you have to do to survive it. All my pregnancies have been like this. Does that mean I’m having another girl? We shall see…

Whether you are reading this and pregnant yourself or maybe thinking about it in the future, having a baby is by far one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in this life. My girls are so excited about another baby coming, always asking me where the baby is and poking me in the tummy. Growing your family is an amazing experience (not easy but always worth it).

Why is the first trimester so awful? Well, the baby and the placenta are both growing and developing. Near week 12, the placenta finishes its development, which is often why women start to feel improvement between 12-14 weeks because there is less strain on the body’s resources (or after week 14 if you’re like me). Once the placenta is developed, all food and nutrients the baby requires comes directly from it- and everything you eat/drink  gets filtered through the placenta.

Experience though has taught me a few tips in navigating the first trimester of pregnancy and I hope they can help you:

  • Eat often- whatever you feel like eating, whatever you can keep down- you can worry about healthy later when you feel better. Just eat. The diet you kept prior to pregnancy will aid in giving your baby a healthy start so during the trying phase try to eat well
  • Sleep whenever you can- growing a baby is making your body work harder than it ever has
  • Don’t worry over much about what you can’t control, as in the development of your baby. In the end, you have to trust God to see you through, for a healthy baby and pregnancy. Stress is not a friend of pregnancy
  • Remember- it will end, the terrible morning sickness does tend to ease up through the second and third trimesters. The battle is completely mental, finding the mental strength to deal with feeling awful each day. It’s not easy but it will get better and when you get through it you will have a brand new baby. Plus, morning sickness is a good indicator that your baby is growing really well! So let that encourage you as you hug the toilet.

Most of all, take it one day at a time. You are growing a baby, remember that when you feel like you don’t want to go through another day of feeling so awful. There are many things in this life that can make us really really sick, for months and months on end, rest in the gratefulness that you are pregnant and not suffering from some terrible disease. There is a beautiful baby growing happily inside of you! (and me 😉




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