The Balancing Act

Tree pose anyone? No, I am not talking about yoga here although it is great exercise for flexibility and balance. I am talking about finding the balance in life. This goes along with my recent pregnancy related posts since having a new baby in your life can definitely cause a once ordered existence to go topsy turvy.

I think anyone can relate to feelings of stress, being overwhelmed, sinking under the weight of chores and responsibilities, trying to do more than just survive each day. Once kids are added to the mix of life, things become even more of a juggling act because no longer can you think of yourself, you have to factor them into everything.

So where is the balance found?

Good question. It’s one that continually has a changing answer. And it’s also a very personal answer because everyone needs to discover their own sweet spot in life.

For me, and my very busy family, it’s about finding downtime and taking a moment to relax about life. I like routine and I find that gives us order and stability but at the same time, I’ve also learned to relax a lot about routine and let it become more of a guide rather than a rule. Organization is also important to me and really helps to keep things running smoothly. Trying not to allow stress in contributes to maintaining balance and peace of mind. There is only so much we can control in a day and the rest we just need to leave in God’s hands. Life is so much more enjoyable when we stop trying and just let God give us ideas and wisdom on how to order our days. The bottom line is that we can do nothing worthwhile apart from God, so let Him take the reins of your family and all you have to do is relax. Our rest is to be found in God’s care.

Find your fun too. Often we can get so caught up in being productive that we can forget to have fun. I believe life is meant to be fun. So whatever brings enjoyment to you and your family, make sure that you make it a priority. It’s the memories that will last.

And then there are those days when nothing goes right, you feel guilty and things just suck. It happens. Take a deep breath and move on. You can’t change the past but you can reflect and figure out a strategy to deal with those issues in the future. But don’t let it become a point on which you overly dwell. Maybe you made a parenting mistake that really upsets you, understand that God understands even better than you do and that He forgives. His wisdom is right there to guide you in the future. Accept that things won’t be perfect, that mistakes will be made and that they will be learning experiences. Keeping that in mind will help keep the pressure off. You are in the place you are in for a purpose, chosen by God to raise your children and you are enough! Completely adequate and perfect for the job. Even if you don’t always feel it, believe it! And balance will follow.

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